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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 10, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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a hall of the carrier's work together is significant in this country. teaming up to tell thieves to back off. tonight cellphone carriers taking a big step to protect your phone. at the same time, life is a gamble. tonight comes word mailing between dental x-rays and brain tumors. how many x-rays you really need when you go to the dentist? he is a big strapping healthy inmates. a woman trapped alone with a san quentin inmates. tonight we've learned that the prison has a safety problem. in and taking.
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can best as the night after night is a crime that in just the last year has become an epidemic. thieves snatching smart phones out of people's hands often is a violent robbery crazily who was then covering this problem for months says they're finding good news. it is rampant across the country. the telesis river cats shot on the black market is big business and one of the fastest- growing crimes now as these could be stopped in their digital tracks of the new database for resonance brands of phones and reported stolen they did not share their information now at&t and two mobile have also agreed to join in that ice to creates one central database. the idea is to shut down the black market by blocking service
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to still in cells. to be able to have the carrier's work together on something or anything whether is this or any other matter is significant in this country. can't agree say it could be a win-win. it will report of information at this list could be eight. for sure. they stop you from use your phone are running up a counter both it is a surprise and it is spokesman for the carrier industry earlier this year about its it seems like there's no real incentive for the carriers or for the manufacturers to milk the development and database because at the end of the day will sell more funds overall. is an interesting way to look at is not one i considered friendly. john nolan on to say that he didn't think the database to be feasible in the u.s. the we found similar systems for the well in other countries and australia they credit their database for helping to reduce cellphone that despite 25%. the phone is blocks
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across all three networks in this country and is essentially rendered useless. the wall street journal reports that consumers and u.s. could use the database in two years. this agreement comes after a long battle a group of 70 police chiefs from across the u.s. was calling on the carriers to disable stolen phones also california senator barbara boxer says the carrier's new tax because close to the safety and security of our citizens is threatened so there is a lot of pressure from the carriers to do something alan. has said it is often violent crime is not just some of these widely when you're out. these days. we've always heard how a important is to get an annual dental check-up but just a couple of hours ago a study was released involving bay area patience marks a year tells us that take away from the research is next time your dentist asks you to get an x-ray and you ask why. that the extra one your
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dentist's office may be some and you don't give much thought to but dental x-rays could have a little bounce that affects only now coming to light is a question that daniel harris has asked himself. do worry about brain tumors? i do. at the same time life is a gamble. new research from scientists a elin uc san francisco says overtimed denzel x-rays have been found to increase the likelihood is of a type of benign brain tumor. it is the most common primary brain tumor and adults the dr. mcdermott is a brain surgeon and was not involved in the study. to the tumors usually very slow growth rates they can present with headaches seizures progressive deficits lowered dental x-ray and cancer the same sentence may seem alarming experts say it is no reason to avoid the dentist or avoid getting needed dental x-rays.
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and give to trust your dental practitioner that is being recommended is for good reason and the relative risk compared to other things is indeed very small. did we decided followed 1400 patients in five states and found that is dental x-rays lead to twice the rate of the tumor that in patients would not have dental x-rays by newer digital technologies are reducing the risk. turns out that much less energy is required to reduce the digital image sell the does is cut down significantly by 80 to 90 percent compared to older methods. but for daniel jerez any future decisions on dental x- rays will be guided by a one simple tests. days depending on how much pain europeans in san francisco's cbs five. the american medical association says a healthy adult should get only one dazzle x-ray every two to three years.
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pregnant women have another reason to stay in shape uc- davis study finds that diabetic or obese women are more likely to have autistic children one- third of women of child-bearing age are obese 10% to develop diabetes during pregnancy. the evening commute long one part of the freeway turned into a crime scene and a woman passenger shot in the back about 430 this afternoon well the bullets are blue of the cars back window a relative tells us the driver tried to speed away and ended up on the edwards the off ramp he was stopped and questioned so far no suspect has been named to oakland police had to ignore more than 100 none of emergency calls last friday more than 1500 phone calls came in overwhelming the police department. i call the police
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awaited in spain currently chief pilot on my records i kept waiting six hours later roundsman night i finally called and said i was arrested on my reports police blamed the problem and a lack of staff and said on friday there were 13 of the city's 35 police beads that had no one on patrol. weeks ago way to keep inside simpson's multimillion- dollar hospital and exposed to excessive spending your tax dollars will tonight we return to show you a hospital security lab this they will only see an cbs five carlisle tells us in harris says that the present water life on the line. and happened inside san quentin's new state-of-the-art hospital. was alone. as the sole registered nurse. church peterson in maris sat issues treaty prisoner when she became a captive. because the officer accidentally locked her in the hospital so and walked away the keys. was in shock. absolutist
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dumbfounded shock. her only weapon was an insulin syringe as she faced off with this restrike carried the disease year-old lemond williams serving life for assault and robbery. he is a big strapping healthy appearing in makes who could easily take me down and its killed me. in his prison games unwritten rule is to do just that. kill staff if and when the opportunity arises. but on this day williams did not see joining peter sent instead to call for help. she says five minutes of screen and pounding pelican eternity. my head was spinning. eds is felt like forever. it is a nightmare for from which she cannot weights. have issues with the words and deeds and with the doors are. all it takes is one
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angry inmates to hurt somebody in. because cbs five has learned in the outpatient housing units for petersen was locked and nurses routinely enter the cells of prisoners without escorts. even though some of those prisoners are deemed high-risk. is one of those jobs where you hope you can go home and the day and is not guaranteed. in san and spokesperson dave and guarding inmates the first of its kind in the state can be a challenge. he always tried to plans to different mindsets the medical, in your custody. is a delicate balance. i think it's a very delicate balance. did least that's as far as he would go by veterans and clinton correctional officer is talking. the officer was german anonymous had a fear of losing his job at telesis " there are many close calls of the new hospital. because of fears petersons some nightmare and now
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cbs fives pro because he practices in san quentin and now being reviewed. obviously we're reviewing our policy procedures house staff move in and out of the cells could be a catalyst to change comes at a price. retaliation, is a your mind but see more importantly is my safety and my colleagues safety. did way into an ugly be that person looks get away. appears and says for now she wants to be reassigned to a different part of hospital but that has been denied by the medical staff and there's more. we asked why didn't that 3 strike in may tried to take a life of years and believes the fact that he had visitors that they saved her and lamont williams did not lose his privileges so apparently he did not act on his gains code. as a tough job and a good day. every day all day they base a certain amount of danger
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again they're stressing that because of the new prison that is built in this security risk and she is saying that at her rest. and i trust you'll stay on this. dave roberts. by shootings null to confessions what is next for investigators trying to piece together a parent race- based shootings. he hasn't been seen in public for weeks and he hasn't told his side of the story but he is sending a message the man accused of shooting and other arms teenager wants you to tell he needs cash. i would not achieve any scanner. he may be in the minority that lives ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 's human accused in a
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string of shootings the two suspects both whites are expected to be charged with three counts of first-degree murder for that rampage as men well the latest reports that step is to determine if the shootings or hate crimes. jake in london 32 year-old alan watts have reportedly confessed to last week's shooting spree that left three people dead and two others hurt. the victims were black. please tell cbs news in an admitted shooting three people last friday what shot to. both men appeared in court monday and ordered to be held more than $9 million bail
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neither has been charged. ill get us sufficient time to look at the evidence and to make a formal charging decision at the appropriate time. they face three counts of first- degree murder and other charges there were arrested early sunday today's after the shootings that all took place in a few miles of each other. prosecutors must decide the case reaches the level of any crime. it is preliminary to determine what the motivation was behind this is the evidence supports that and we believe that we can prove those elements of the hate crime bill certainly be considered. police say revenge could be a motive england's father was shot and killed two years ago during an altercation with a black man she was ruled an act of self-defense inland's fiancee and the mother of their baby also recently kill herself. the day before the shootings in the news the racial slur on his face page to describe his father's killer. the postings said today's two years that my dad has been gone shots in as it
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is hard not to go off between that and surer and i'm gone ahead. the suspects are scheduled to be back in court next monday. degrees tonight we still do not know george zimmerman will be charged for a tree, but if he is it will not be first degree murder. today special prosecutors said the issue will not send the case to a grand jury and that is a step that would only be required any first-degree murder case the prosecutor could still charges the men with a felony which can carry leave the prison sentence. i did give the public would be patient they would understand that this is very complicated area of the law and were going to do everything we can to make sure the public also has the answers that they need. simmons and never had watch volunteers says he shot a 17 year-old in self-defense the shooting happened since february is a man has been in hiding ever since
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however today he emerged on the internet's to ask for money zimmermann now has a personal web sites to collect donations for his legal defense funds with you can be driving of the price of gasoline every time you pay with your credit card. according to the national association of convenience stores credit cards like these at about 7¢ to the price of a gallon of gas in the beginning of november those are fees charged to the retailer ever to make customer pays the credit-card with resellers typically pass those costs back to the consumer with higher prices and a look at prices around the bay area today and san francisco drivers are paying about 435 for a gallon of regular is for 23 in oakland and about 44 1/4 as as day. but when the cbs sf dot com/gas. the self check of leaders opposed to save time for the customers and many of the stores tunnel appears to be happening instead. my chagrin
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shows us some see the do yourself option as an invitation to take for themselves. your guiliani. those? no. i don't give you any ideas but some people have in the past but items in the back without pain four-door taken from the that bar code and pungent other cheaper code allows one to admit doing that? a survey today says the stores of self check out counters lose merchandise five times more than when cashiers are working. did we do cheese but saw the cheap now. john sullivan is the managers have to discuss states the term goals we hurting where the person behind the register is a friend of your is your area during this get something through the most that is actually employee theft them and their fewer employees of self check out scanners said it went
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into one where another and as we clear the senate can mount is not done by an official organization but rather a company that sells software to stores that helps cut down on theft so they would have an interest in what these numbers show. and you weren't a lot to talk to us today. is confusing to but my purse on and it tells me. political and easy fresh and easy stores which are mostly self check out have been divided since they opened the city almost a year ago and some stores have stopped using them because they're just too much trouble but they do seem to be inner futures. the world is full of,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after one last relatively mild day we got some significant changes on the way take a look at whether hemlines tonight increasing crowd like the war and its main developments overnight and a wet and cool work week as in-store satellite perspective show the wanamaker still sitting offshore it will gradually make its way inland over the next 24 to 48 hours and with it the cool air mass as engineering developed overnight tonight but will still lingering showers on into on wednesday and then another system a second system is summoned thursday with lingering showers on in friday so the amount soggy all week long feature cast will pause for morning commutes within and spanish hours pass into much of the bay area as a dance on to
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the evening commutes scattered showers toward the wednesday but thursday again the next round of rain pretty much went to get wet in the bay area. cold temperatures as well drop in december is down to around 63 mark pretty much area wide so below average for this time of year we will stay there for the next few days so again rain moving on and it tomorrow and then was the lingering showers on wednesday and thursday another round of reenlistment with lingering showers friday if you're tired of the wet stuff and you want a little sunshine to the good news. i actually looks pretty nice temperatures do start to rebound we try things out to see a little bit ,,
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seeking a giant panda and shut out since 2003 while in oakland's city have a look what look at the top of the first. did waves against the rockies since ferrets gone. the teller bye-bye baby through one shot once again the giants' starting to turn has the lead. the question is it casino hold it. the struggle in spring training as germany's entire career as a giant today he had the curb wall work for carlos gonzales won a four rocky years ago struck out he allowed just four
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hits and the giants getting their first win zeros nine years between shaq. every night in this ballpark as you can get away and get away from you. brine curve ball right now on the plates and so we were out there after and was a result of that would cost a lot of balls up in the air he says souse. only 10,000 in oakland that these guys made it seem like 30. donaldson goes the other way mendoza drives from seth said to the a's a 1 the nothing lead over kansas city the a's lefty tom malone was brought over the next gop dollars trade his first start with the a's eighth shot out and look at their joshed donaldson did it with the glove that was a set out in the six career starts days when one to nothing. i was wonder what he never left as the warriors' head coach. of what might of been. the big man rookie can agree on
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golden state's we had 27.17 rebounds with a full career high 212384 which is a lopsided victory of the air monday night top five and #five it's better to be lucky than good just ask baghdad. arizonas nick blackburn. with the old twins better before calls are brought and rafael will do anything to get the lead runner. and st. louis winds. the waves taking to the a's for boston red have a right to bear arms. these in the third days. no. do we have practice and a community college baseball game in arizona and keeping your eye on second base blindsided by the outfielder of such was suspended this week. but what an amazing have shot from the dry yesterday when the green jacket at the masters said today we asked our local golf experts john avid to try to
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recreate the shots at the olympic club and watch for the shot ends up. c. john from behind trees right there and he did the same shots. slightly different circumstances there was no green jacket that was in that throng of thousands of fans airbus it was impressive, und,,,
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